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This small but powerful downtown has not earned the title Great American Main Street for nothing, and that means everything - from the axe-throwing to fine dining.

Ferndale is located in an easily accessible area of Metrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometrometro Located between Woodward Avenue and 9 Mile Road, it is a short drive from downtown Detroit and Detroit Metro Airport.

The Ferndale Public Library is committed to strengthening the link between the community and local artists and artists by celebrating the beauty and creativity that is invested in the area. In 2004, the library established the Committee for Art Exhibitions to promote and promote the appreciation of the two. Today we have an expanded collection of eleven incredibly talented and dedicated people covering all aspects of art.

Our mission is to support the arts and artists in the Ferndale region and to work with the city council to meet these needs. The program highlighted today is relatively easy to replicate (read below) and the idea is infinitely scalable, which is an advantage if you are looking for art programs, ideas or inspiration. We hope that this programme will not only enrich the artists, but also be a cultural gateway for people of all ages. I'm especially fascinated by the sketchbook ideas that are circulating, so I borrowed some ideas from the library.

In addition to the typical offers, Art Van Furniture offers special offers in the form of outlet articles. In addition to outlet offerings, they offer a wide range of handmade art books and other items that customers can buy. I would like to see handmade art books, along with other art objects and books, become part of the Ferndale Art Museum's collection.

Participants are invited to bring anything they would like to share with us, and inspired visitors can view and take the book to see the works of local artists. They can take a few weeks to design their own ideas to complement each other's creative efforts, or they can get an idea of the work. Visit Doe Eyed's website, visit the BPRD store here, and don't miss the $8 posters that get stolen for just $50!

The Ferndale Public Library strives to bring viewers into a deeper connection with art and artists. The books on display help strengthen the link between the library and local artists and the community as a whole. It will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In December, theater students will have the opportunity to join hundreds of other students across the state at the Michigan Thespian Festival. This major event allows students to attend workshops with theatre professionals and compete in the performance and production areas of the theatre.

Local artists will give free demonstrations, typically showcasing lesser-known art styles such as woodblock prints. The library has prepared art sheets with cut-out images of local artists, and participants are encouraged to browse the art and also engage with the artists. Create art that will be distributed in the library during the reception and create artworks that will be on sale during the event.

Antihero commissioned legendary Detroit artist Glenn Barr to paint two large murals to decorate the dining room walls. Unlike Barr's darker work, WCO has also commissioned tattooist Kadee Spangler to work on a Candyland-inspired mural, "Candyland," which will be created in collaboration with the Ferndale Museum of Modern Art. The mural is a work of art that has more in common with being in a museum of modern art than with a mural. Many of these artists live in affordable housing that comes from the vibrant community of FerNDales.

The well-equipped shop with bar, café and restaurant with full service is the perfect place for a gift.

Ferndale Restaurants offer a wide selection of restaurants and are complemented by festivals and street food favorites to offer choices.

Start your cocktail with a craft beer or kombucha at Oakland Art Novelty Co. or Urbanrest and finish the night with a few alcoholic milkshakes at Public House. You can find comfort at home at the Ferndale Art Museum or in one of the many local art galleries and galleries in the city.

The Ferndale High Dance Team performs at the University of Michigan's Center for Performing Arts, the state's largest dance school. They offer numerous dance courses, with classes for all ages, from elementary to high school, as well as for adults and children of all backgrounds.

Some students show off their acting, singing and dancing talents, while others demonstrate their musical talents by playing in the pit orchestra or working behind the scenes. The Ferndale High School Performing Arts Center's "Theater Festival" is the most elaborate theater event of the season, attracting a large number of students from across the state and across the country.

More About Ferndale

More About Ferndale