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This year there is something new for schools and families, and the Cultural Education Working Group will be on the lookout for important dates and working to provide the community with basic information on important dates. This page will contain information about upcoming holidays, their dates, festivals and their locations.

The Commission is actively seeking ideas and talent that can complement the work of the Ferndale Arts and Cultural Commission. The fire chief will cultivate a cooperative and inclusive culture in the community and must be able to develop positive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders and be open to new ideas, ideas from outside the city and community, and new ways of working together and developing positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders. The fire chief will work to promote a cooperative and inclusive culture in our community.

Our goal is to connect the city of Ferndale with the wider arts community by creating a community - a broad arts and cultural center and community arts program. We're trying to bring artists from across the city together to create community-wide art projects that enrich community life and give a voice to many talented people who call FerNDale home, "Kramer said.

We appreciate the diversity of cultural backgrounds and traditions that make our community so unique. Our hope is to give schools and families access to the many cultural traditions practised by families and communities, which will lead to a better understanding and understanding of their cultural heritage. Culture is an important aspect of our family and our neighbourhood, and that is why origin and ethnicity can be so interesting and important to understand. We often express ourselves and express our own culture and desire to share what we have learned and how we behave to our neighbors and fellow human beings.

Some of our neighbors in the Northway St. neighborhood of Ferndale are middle-income, which makes them eligible for food stamps and Medicaid. The majority of children under 17 living in our neighborhood live below the federal poverty line, which is 76.4% of America's neighborhoods. German residents identify their ethnic group or descent either as German or as a combination of German and English.

BHS was named "best high school" by US News & World Report and is one of the best high school education schools in Michigan, according to the Michigan Department of Education.

The racial composition of the city is much more diverse than it used to be, with a mix of black, white, brown and brown - skin-coloured people. The racial composition of this city is very different from the racial composition of other cities in Michigan.

Adrienne graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor's degree in urban planning and community relations and a master's degree in public policy from the University of Michigan. She previously worked at the Ferndale City Planning and Community Affairs Department and held a position in the Planning / Community Relations Division of the city's Economic Development and Public Policy Office.

Kelly is employed by People & Community Services of the Detroit Metropolitan Area and serves on the Board of Directors of Ferndale Community Development Corporation (FCDC). The fire service provides fire protection, emergency medical services and emergency services to the city of Fermanagh and surrounding communities. The Fire Department provides fire protection, emergency medical services, emergency services and emergency services to the city and its neighboring metro Detroit-Wayne County communities, as well as to other cities and communities in Michigan and other parts of Europe and North America. The fire department is helping to prevent and fight fires in and around the cities of Detroit, Michigan - Detroit and the adjacent community of Grand Rapids.

Berkley Elementary School offers children a variety of opportunities to distinguish themselves at their own level by using the "thinking and writing workshop culture" model. BHS offers over 60 courses in science, technology, technology and mathematics (STEM) as well as a wide range of activities for pupils of all ages. Students can also participate in the school newspaper and learn robotics, foreign languages and video production in middle school, and join clubs and sports such as football, lacrosse, athletics, volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, football and volleyball. At B HS, students can play club sports such as football, basketball and baseball and other sports such as football.

Students at Berkley are prepared to be good - round critical thinkers who are kind, caring, and with a global perspective to understand their community. There is never a shortage of teams to put students first and ways to support learners during distance learning.

But our mission goes beyond the community we call home and into the communities that call us home. Ferndale is a community of more than 2,000 people in western Michigan bordering the campus of Michigan State University and the University of Detroit Medical Center to the west and the 8-Mile Road to the south.

More About Ferndale

More About Ferndale