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The Funky Ferndale is not afraid to get a little weird, with a wide range of artists and a variety of different styles and styles of art. For example, I have looked at some of the artists I have featured in the past, such as a Florida man who makes an Australian wind instrument called digidoo, or a creative thinker who makes art out of moulting spider skin.

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Funky Ferndale not only exceeded our initial expectations (which the DDA made possible), but they also had the opportunity to perfect the art of making the festival experience as fun as possible for the entire community. They are ve become an important part of the evolving Downtown FerNDale festival scene and a great addition to the city.

The continued success of the event has enabled us to make the event a multimedia event, which means that we select from the approximately 100 hand-picked artists for the exhibition. New participants are beginning to wonder whether 120 artists in just three media are too many artists for many things that look similar.

Stevens said he wants residents to tear down the large kiosks instead, and organizers hope their campaign will make it easier for people to do so. They are Ve also organized a gift card that shoppers can buy for someone that can be used at participating retailers in Ferndale.

Cinda Coon, the event's chairwoman, said the parade will have a virtual aspect, with Santa Claus pouring out of his sleigh as he heads to City Hall for the traditional tree lighting. The opening hours are Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm and Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 4 pm. After the lights are lit, Santa Claus will be presented with a key to the city by members of the Ferndale Police Department, the Fire Department and the Firefighters Association. Coon did not commit to a specific date because she did not want people to gather in the streets, but she said it would start as soon as it gets dark.

Santa will cruise around the neighborhood waving to the children and everyone else, and organizers are asking residents who are not present in person to watch him drive around the city. Berkley will try to put on a Holiday Lights Parade and Tree Lighting at Ferndale City Hall on Saturday, December 5, at 6: 30 p.m. The parade intends to hold the event on Friday, November 30th, in the hope of running it as a virtual event, similar to the Santa Claus Parade in New York.

That won't happen until 2020, but that's not because of the COVID 19 pandemic, Ferndale City Council said. The Ice Sculpture Festival, which saw up to a dozen ice sculptures in the city centre, will not be taking place in 2020.

The DDA had planned to create a new event in Ferndale for the Christmas period, but the pandemic has curtailed those plans. Steve Stevens, the head of the city's planning and development department, said that last year, when the event was held for the 19th time, it was decided not to run it.

The exhibition was transferred to the Royal Oak Chamber in 2000, and it has just been updated as an art fair with jurors. He was told that artists would appear on the morning of a show and choose their place among the remaining artists.

This year is planned to get more hands on - for projects and activities for those who want to experiment with media. JURORS can sell anything that focuses on clay, glass and metal elements, but make no mistake, this is an art event that does not take itself too seriously. Play with minerals and flames as you can, both as functional and decorative art, or come and have your hand picked.

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