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The party scene of Metro Detroit is thriving because the Metro Detroiters want to celebrate forever. Royal Oak has become a bedroom community and a car city, but it has also been one of the most popular drinking hotspots in the subway area since it began about 25 years ago, said John D'Amico, the city's director of public relations. RoyalOak is located north of downtown Detroit and south of I-75 and became a suburb of Detroit after the arrival of automakers and the Detroit-Lansing Motor Speedway in 1967, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

As Detroit emerged as the dominant urban force in the competition for food and drink dollars, the small town's destiny and formative character shifted north, and people increasingly moved to the cities. The city is uniquely located in the Detroit metro, with its centrally located historic Main Street and proximity to Detroit - Lansing Motor Speedway, but nightlife has increased in recent years. Meanwhile, other small towns like Ferndale, which have been buttoned up for years with few exceptions - down towns - bring a lively late-night component to their communities.

It's a bar that looks like a hamtramck dive, but it's in Berkley and also has a surprisingly great craft beer list. In 2017, a new, all-day Mediterranean-style bar and restaurant opened in Burdette East on the 9 Mile. It is a diverse mix of bars and restaurants, some of which have been family owned for over 30 years, and also boast amazingly good food and a fantastic craft beer list, as well as great beer.

Once WarrenIt has opened its Clinton Township brewery, it will take the world by storm. One of Michigan's most popular breweries is brewing its own line of craft beers, and once they launch - and - run - they'll take the world by storm!

We know that there is a lot to do during your stay, We want to help you visit some of the best places to celebrate, so you can see what this city is all about.

PizzaPapalis in Bloomfield Hills, Metro Detroit is a dog-friendly place with deep dishes and Chicago pies. Works is located in Corktown on Michigan Avenue and is one of the best pizza bakers in the city of Detroit and the greater Detroit area. If you are traveling by car, if you are trying to feel good in Detroit or any other city in Michigan, we have some recommendations on how to get to these hotspots. Let's take a look at some of our favorite pizza places in Ferndale and other parts of metro Detroit.

From wineries, breweries, bustling nightclubs, dive bars, strip clubs and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from a dive bar to a strip club to more. The lively bar on two levels entertains guests with live DJs and live music from local bands and artists.

Downtown Royal Oak has a number of nightclubs, including a variety of bars, restaurants, shops, bars and restaurants in the city center. Worth seeing are the Grand River Riverfront Park, the Michigan Museum of Natural History and the Science Center of the Great Lakes.

Fleetwood is a great place to visit a bar - and is the only restaurant in Ann Arbor that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want more of a real meal after leaving the bar, head to Como in Ferndale, which stays open all night and offers a variety of good food and drinks. AFB Hospitality Group operates a number of nightclubs that are busy at weekends, such as the Grow-up frat bros go. Zack's is another venue on Coney Island - a venue that is also open 24 hours a day and would be a good choice for a late night out.

This relatively new - nasty - beer cellar was given to Taylor a few years ago to fill the hole left by a popular neighbourhood bar. It's a hole that's been cut since it was abandoned, and it's one of the best bars in Ferndale. ClemensIt's a bar that was once a blind pig, but has been jazzed up to perfection ever since.

Oakland Ferndale is home to one of the city's best and most competitive bartenders, and he's been there for over 20 years. If you forget what you call it, go with what is supposed to be the best beer list in Michigan, or at least Michigan, for that matter.

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More About Ferndale