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When it comes to funny things, Michigan's Great Lakes State has a lot to do with toddlers. Whether your child likes cars, planes, dinosaurs, art or crafts, Michigan has family - centered places to learn and have fun.

The Wall has revived the original Boogaloo sandwich from Detroit, but you can still grab a takeaway from Chef Greg's Soul. There are many, many Coney Islands to visit in the city (many of them have drive-ins, too). The Parks Old Style Bar & B, which describes itself as one of the oldest bars and restaurants in Michigan, is a popular destination. In addition to Lafayette, Ferndale and Grand Rapids, the Great Lakes Brewery offers a beer or two, a burger, or even a beverage with children.

I suggest going to the Visit Detroit blog and looking for things to do on Valentine's Day. Don't forget to save your restaurant reviews and point them out when planning your next restaurant experience in Metro Detroit.

Starting 2021: Celebrate and support local businesses in Detroit on New Year's Eve and enjoy Michigan - made craft beer. Go to Green Daffodils for appetizers and cocktails while you shop, enjoy a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant at home or grab a buddy and relax on the porch. Enjoy Michigan's most popular craft beers, Michigan Made from local breweries, as well as local wines and spirits. Sign up for our daily Detroit email here and be the first to hear the latest news on all the food, drinks and fun that Motor City has to offer.

Be inspired by the child-friendly activities in Michigan to be creative and innovative by learning how engines, trains, planes and cars work. The museum's collection includes more than 100,000 artifacts from the history of the Ford Motor Company. See Henry Ford in action with artifacts, including the seat where Abraham Lincoln was sitting when he was assassinated.

Apart from this masterpiece, the museum has some of the best things to do when it comes to toddlers - focused programs. The magnificent use of an old railway is a great excuse to go outside, with commissions lining the walls, but of course keep your social distance from the hustle and bustle and forget about nature. The museum is the state's child-friendly space, filled with galleries that promote interactive play and education at the same time. One place where you can actually have a better experience without socially distancing yourself is the Motown Museum.

You and your family can sit down for a picnic in front of one of the museum's many interactive exhibits like this one. This is a look you will catch before launching the Saugatuck Dune, and it is a great place for family fun.

Interesting activities at the attraction include the exhibition "Paint the Twist," "Go to New York" and "The Great Wall of China." From Mom and Poppins, we've seen over 50 things you can do with your kids while they grow up in the Detroit area. We were inspired to make a list of 100 things we did with our kids in New York when they were growing up, and we've seen over 100 of them.

If you are in Michigan and plan to make this area your permanent home, it is nice to know that there are amenities and things you can do outside of walking, biking, driving and driving. We try to keep this list within an hour's drive, but it will play a big role in whether the area is right for you.

Michigan State has many incredible places to live, but we tend to stay in Ferndale. There is always something to do, hiking trails to explore and many good restaurants to visit if you decide wisely. One of the best things you do in Michigan is be part of a fantastic ecosystem where you can have fantastic family fun outdoors.

Detroit not only stops at spirits, but also specializes in mead, which is made by fermenting honey. The Valentine Distilling Company in Ferndale makes canned cocktails, but they don't stop. Valentine's Distillery has stepped up to prove that there are still quality American products. You can sample delicious spirits in their tasting room in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from Michigan State.

Of course, there are other things on your wish list, but even if you think about it, we take a look at home prices and affordability in Ferndale. Just over an hour away is the Toledo Museum of Art with a wonderful family center. You can go through it in peace or just use the search bar for your programming. This means that you can enjoy activities to strengthen your toddler even in difficult times (below).

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More About Ferndale